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We must stand together
The attack in Dallas is tragic and horrifying. My heart goes out to the families of the fallen officers, those who were injured and the entire Dallas community. Just as individuals and families should feel safe in their communities and have the freedom to exercise the right to free speech, law enforcement officials should not fear for their lives as they serve and protect our communities.

It is more important than ever that we work to overcome the divisiveness and violence in this country. We must come together as one community and one nation to prevent future loss of life and heal from these devastating events.

In the time following the heinous attack in Orlando, there has been a national dialogue about gun violence prevention. I have heard from thousands of Coloradans by email, social media, phone calls and in-person meetings. Last week, I held a telephone town hall with about 4,700 constituents to discuss gun violence and how to prevent it. I was joined on the call by Tom Mauser who lost his son, Daniel Mauser, in the shooting at Columbine High School and Lakewood Police Office Dave Hoover who lost his nephew, A.J. Boik, during the Aurora Theater shooting. Coloradans are exasperated with Congress' inaction. Americans deserve more from their representatives. 

We have felt these tragedies at home, and they continue around our country. We must work together to stop these horrific attacks, and I will continue doing everything I can to support our communities and end this senseless violence.

Colorado innovators Discuss policy with U.S. Commerce Secretary Pritzker
This past week, my office hosted an Innovation Roundtable with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and more than 30 local business leaders, government officials, and academics with interest in growing the workforce and competitiveness of local businesses. I heard about the challenges and opportunities facing local Colorado businesses and how to develop public policy at the federal level to help business grow and foster America’s innovation and competitiveness.

I also joined Secretary Pritzker and others to celebrate the second anniversary of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Rocky Mountain Office. The anniversary celebration underscored the office’s efforts to promote innovation, economic growth, and human progress and the Department of Commerce’s efforts to make its services even more accessible to communities, industries, and innovators across America by opening satellite offices across the country. The Rocky Mountain Regional Office is making great strides and contributions to creating new high-skilled jobs and working with the region’s array of innovative industries to expedite the patent examination process to advance cutting-edge ideas to the marketplace and support entrepreneurs as they grow their business.

perlmutter.house.gov now mobile & tablet friendly
In an effort to make communicating with you even easier, my website is now updated to accommodate mobile and tablet devices. Take a look at the priorities page to see where I stand on the issues or send me an email to tell me your thoughts on proposed legislation.