Perlmutter Introduces WWII Resolution; Sponsors Bills to Resolve VA Claims Backlog

VIDEO: Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project:
The Wars We Fought & The Greatest Generation: Operation Detachment

In advance of Memorial Day, this week, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter introduced a resolution recognizing and commemorating the 70th Anniversaries of the major battles of WWII. Additionally, Perlmutter is co-sponsoring several proposals to resolve the backlog of claims at the VA and to strengthen benefits available to our veterans.


Perlmutter stated, "I am humbled and inspired by the men and women of the United States military whose service and great sacrifice work to preserve freedom and ensure our national security. We must honor their service by providing our soldiers the best care possible and secure their hard earned benefits upon returning home."


Perlmutter also announced his office is beginning to produce the third documentary for their Veterans Oral History Project through the Library of Congress.  This film will feature interviews with female veterans who participated in major military missions from WWII to the present.  Stay tuned for a sneak peak next week.


Perlmutter continues to monitor the construction progress on the new VA hospital at the Fitzsimmons Medical Campus in Aurora.  When completed, this hospital will provide world-class medical care to veterans across the Rocky Mountain Region.


As of March, 2013 the VA had 885,068 claims pending, and 613,876 were pending over 125 days and considered backlogged.  This means over 69% of claims are waiting longer than 125 days to receive their decision.  Perlmutter is co-sponsoring the following measures to give the VA the resources they need to reduce the backlog and provide veterans the benefits they earned:


H.R. 1729, the VA Claims, Operations, and Records Efficiency Act
  • This bill requires DOD to provide certified, complete, and electronic records to the VA in 21 days for newly discharged veterans and 45 days for veterans discharged before enactment of the bill. 
  • This will dramatically reduce the wait to complete a veteran's claim and allow the VA to adjudicate the claim more quickly.

H.R. 2086, the VA Pay As You Rate Act

  • This bill requires the VA to pay benefits as each individual medical condition is adjudicated. If there is enough medical evidence to prove one or two conditions, the veteran will receive payment for those conditions while the VA waits for additional documentation or medical evaluations for the remaining more complex conditions.  Currently veterans receive payment only when all medical conditions are adjudicated and finalized.  This bill will provide disability payments to veterans faster.

H.R. 1521, the Disabled Veterans Red Tape Reduction Act

  • This bill extends authorization for the VA to use contract physicians for medical disability evaluations.  This alleviates pressure on the VA Healthcare system and allows veterans to be seen by doctors more quickly.

Attached is the WWII Resolution introduced by Rep. Perlmutter.



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