Perlmutter Supports Transformative Investment to Create Jobs, Support Families and the Economy, and Combat Climate Change

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) today supported H.R. 5376, the Build Back Better Act, a once-in-a-generation piece of legislation to create jobs, support families and the economy, and take real action in the fight against climate change. All of these investments will be fully paid for by revenue raised through the bill by making corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share.  

“Earlier this month, Congress passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill to invest in the hard assets of this country – roads, bridges, public transit, broadband, and waterways. Today, the House passed a complimentary bill to invest in Americans - the human assets of our country including children, families and workers. It also makes historic investments to ensure a clean energy future for all of us and takes real action in the fight against climate change,” said Perlmutter. “By investing in our people and our future, we can create good-paying jobs, support our growing economy, and ensure all Americans have the opportunity for a better quality of life. The benefits of this bill will be realized over the next five to ten years and will transform our nation for decades.”

The Build Back Better Act invests in children, families, workers and seniors: 

For children – 
o Expands the accessibility and affordability of high-quality childcare and provides universal pre-school for all 3- and 4-year olds
o Increases access to affordable broadband and provides additional funding for schools and libraries
o Allows more children to receive free school meals and helps more children receive healthy nutrition over the summer

For families – 

o Lowers insurance premiums to make healthcare coverage more affordable and expands Medicaid coverage to 4 million uninsured Americans
o Extends the enhanced Child Tax Credit for a year and makes lower income families permanently eligible for full benefits

For workers – 
o Provides four weeks of paid parental leave
o Increases Pell Grants to make continued learning more affordable
o Invests in workforce development including sector-based training and apprenticeships
o Extends the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit for childless and essential workers

For seniors and people with disabilities – 
o Lowers the cost of prescription drugs 
o Expands Medicare coverage to include hearing services and hearing aids
o Bolsters funding for Elder Justice Act programs and includes provisions to ensure greater nursing home transparency and staffing standards

Build Back Better also invests in housing, small businesses, science and combatting climate change:

For housing – 

o Improves housing supply by developing new targeted funding streams for new construction and preservation of housing, rental and down payment assistance
o Invests in sustainable and resilient housing and fair housing enforcement

For small businesses – 
o Invests $5 billion to increase access to capital for small businesses and supports entrepreneurial development
o Invests in supply chain improvements and supports domestic job growth

For science – 
o Investments to accelerate climate and clean energy research and development, including climate science and weather observation and forecasting
o Infrastructure improvements for NASA as they work to better understand our changing planet and explore and understand the solar system

For our planet – 
o Supports clean energy investments and allow for deployment of low- and zero-emission technologies
o Encourages vehicle electrification in domestic auto manufacturing and works to electrify the federal and U.S. Postal Service vehicle fleets 
o Provides tax credits to help Americans save on annual energy costs and encourage greater energy efficiency in homes
o Funds grants, rebates and loans to support emerging clean energy technologies and support state and local climate pollution reduction plans

“In my years of service to the people of Colorado, these bills represent two of the biggest, most life-changing pieces of legislation I’ve worked on. With these bills, I’m proud to deliver more opportunity, a better quality of life, and a brighter future for millions of Coloradans as we build back better from the pandemic,” said Perlmutter.

Earlier this month, Perlmutter supported the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which will provide $550 billion in new federal funding and reauthorize surface transportation programs for five years, including the critical Highway Trust Fund. Initial estimates show Colorado will receive over $4.8 billion in direct funding to rebuild roads, bridges, transit systems, schools, housing, renewable energy infrastructure, broadband access, and much more. Together, H.R. 3684 and H.R. 5376 are estimated to create an average of two million jobs each year over the next 10 years.


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