Perlmutter Supports Moving Forward Act, Inclusion of Priorities Important to Colorado

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Washington, D.C., July 1, 2020 | comments
Washington, D.C. - U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) today voted for H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, a comprehensive infrastructure plan to rebuild America’s roads, bridges, transit systems, schools, housing, renewable energy infrastructure, broadband access, and much more. The $1.5 trillion package reauthorizes surface transportation programs, including the critical Highway Trust Fund, for five years.

“Congress needs to continue to provide additional relief to support families, small businesses, frontline workers and communities as they continue to deal with the COVID-19 public health emergency.  We also need to look ahead and find ways to stimulate the economy and create jobs to ensure a strong recovery from this crisis,” said Perlmutter. “This infrastructure package will provide immediate and significant investment into local communities in Colorado through reauthorization of our surface transportation programs and prioritize other infrastructure needs that are long overdue such as broadband access, affordable housing, and improved resiliency and reliability of our nation’s energy infrastructure.”

The bill includes two provisions spearheaded by Perlmutter that are of importance to Colorado. First is inclusion of H.R. 6452, the Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Equity Act, a bipartisan bill to require the U.S. Department of Transportation to refund credit risk premiums, including to Colorado’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) with respect to their RRIF loan for the Denver Union Station project.  This provision will allow RTD to receive a refund of $29 million plus interest for their 2010 loan. Second, Perlmutter had an amendment adopted by the full House to authorize construction of a new United States Geological Survey (USGS) building to support energy and minerals research which will replace aging office and lab facilities for more than 150 USGS scientists in Colorado.

In addition, H.R. 2 will:
• Invest in our transit systems and modernize infrastructure to reduce gridlock and address bottlenecks as well as make our roadways safer for all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists, and prioritize improvements to existing roads and bridges, including those found to be structurally deficient
• Invest over $100 billion into our nation’s affordable housing infrastructure to create or preserve 1.8 million affordable homes, create jobs and stimulate the economy
• Expand the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit with additional federal investment and new, targeted housing incentives
• Modernize our nation’s energy infrastructure to allow for more renewable energy, including developing an electric vehicle charging network and supporting Smart Communities infrastructure
• Invest $100 billion to ensure high-speed broadband Internet access to all rural, suburban and urban communities across the country as well as provide digital equipment and affordable broadband options to close the “homework gap” outside of school and help kids with remote learning
• Ensure access to safe drinking water and remove dangerous contaminants like PFAS from local water systems
• Invest $40 billion in new wastewater infrastructure to prevent pollution in local rivers and communities
• Encourage development of wind and solar, improved water supply reliability and other programs and projects to emphasize resiliency and reduce carbon pollution
• Invest $30 billion to upgrade hospitals and community health centers as they respond to COVID-19 and future public health emergencies
• Invest $25 billion to modernize USPS infrastructure and operations
• Invest in schools and address structural needs and upgrades to child care facilities
• Invest in our environment and public lands by working to clean up abandoned coal mines and orphaned oil and gas wells, clearing the way for new infrastructure and economic development

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