From The Moon To Mars: NASA’s Project Artemis

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Washington, D.C.-, March 3, 2020 | comments

One small step for man, one giant leap for womankind.

NASA is expected to move forward in the coming weeks with Artemis, a program designed to land the first woman on the moon in preparation for sending crews to Mars.

“Our calling is to go farther into the solar system than ever before,” reads NASA’s Artemis website. “To prepare for Mars we must study and prove new human deep space capabilities on our Moon.”

No one has been to the moon since 1972 despite the federal government’s aim to do so by 2020. NASA had initially been working towards a moon landing in 2028, Vice President Mike Pence announced in 2019 that American astronauts would return to the moon in five years.

That initial deadline was met with skepticism by those in the field. Now, however, NASA thinks it can meet its 2024 goal.

What does a moon landing look like in the 21st century? And how far away are we from a human mission to Mars?

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