You’re a congressman? How nice…let’s put the lilies over there

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Pueblo, Colo.-, May 8, 2017 | comments
For many of us, funerals aren’t only about grieving, loss and remembrance but also about celebrating lives lived and, sometimes, even sharing a few laughs. Our thanks to Democratic insider Alan Salazar (nowadays, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s chief of staff) for sharing just such a mix of emotions from the funeral of Pueblo political Titan Ray Kogovsek, who died April 30. Here’s Salazar via Facebook:

Some visual memories from the celebration of Ray Kogovsek’s life yesterday. Even in death, Ray brought people together from all over the state. My favorite story from yesterday? (Colorado U.S. Rep.) Ed Perlmutter arriving early to the reception hall, where the older lady in charge mistook him for the florist. I guess he arrived when the flower truck arrived. The lady in charge had Ed bring in the bouquets and move them around the hall — exactly the kind of thing Ray would have done without protest or pretense!

Praiseworthy is the pol who doesn’t mind getting cut down to size! Thumbs up to Perlmutter for, evidently, taking it in stride; and to Salazar, for reminding today’s political class of Kogovsek’s exemplary dignity and humility. (And hat tip to nonstop newshound Lynn Bartels for drawing Salazar’s anecdote to our attention.)

Content originally published by Colorado Politics on May 8, 2017.
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