Perlmutter Statement on Vote to Fund DHS

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Washington, DC, February 27, 2015 | comments

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) released the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives voted on a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for three weeks:

“Republicans promised no more shutdowns but today we find ourselves in a terrible mess and on the verge of yet another GOP-manufactured government shutdown.  We’ve been through this too many times before.  The gamesmanship and political games are incredibly frustrating and disappointing but, more importantly, it is hurting our country.  This is no way to manage the people’s business and it is simply unacceptable.”

“House Republican leaders need to put the Senate’s clean funding bill on the floor so a bipartisan group of members can support it and so we can provide the resources and funding that DHS needs to keep Americans safe.”


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