With many Coloradans feeling the squeeze of a growing economy and increased congestion, Ed believes we need a comprehensive infrastructure package in Colorado and across the country. Investments in infrastructure are a key component to our national economic growth. Addressing infrastructure means going beyond just roads and bridges and investing in all sorts of infrastructure in our communities, including transit, water projects, the electric grid, broadband and more.

The time is long overdue for Congress to address infrastructure in a bipartisan way with real investments in our communities to make a difference in the lives of hardworking families. This is an area of agreement between Democrats and Republicans, which is why Ed remains hopeful Congress can work with the President to pass a package this year.

A key component of any package Congress passes must be substantial federal funding to jumpstart other state, local, or innovative private financing. Ed is a supporter of proposals to create an infrastructure bank to provide loans to fund infrastructure projects. He also supports increased federal funding for the Highway Trust Fund and modernization of how we sustainably fund infrastructure moving forward.

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