Transportation funding for roads, bridges and transit largely come from federal sources. This has included funding for projects vital to the 7th Congressional District such as the US-36 Express Lanes Project, the I-25 Managed Lanes Project, and RTD FasTracks’ expansion with the West Line, Airport Line, Gold Line and North Line. As these projects began, and now some are completed, Ed also urged planners to include better options for pedestrians and bicyclists. These are important to creating an integrated transportation system with multimodal transportation options for Front Range residents.

In 2015, Congress passed and Ed supported the bipartisan Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. This important bill reauthorized our surface transportation programs for five years and provided guaranteed funding for highway, transit, and transportation safety programs including more than $3.4 billion in direct highway and transit formula funds for Colorado. It also provides certainty for CDOT, RTD, and local communities to help create jobs, repair our aging infrastructure, improve public transit, and strengthen our economy. Ed continues to support efforts to ensure the Highway Trust Fund becomes solvent to help guarantee these needed transportation investments in our communities.

Train Horn Noise
Railroads once helped transform Denver into a bustling American city. Today, railroads are still an important mode of transportation for freight and goods in addition to passenger transportation. Unfortunately for those of us who live near a railroad, we also constantly hear the roar of a train’s horn as they travel through railway crossings. This is required after a series of accidents at railway crossings, yet federal safety regulations are outdated and inflexible. Ed has worked with communities impacted by train horn noise to try to mitigate the impact of the noise through activation of quiet zones. Yet these quiet zones often require significant safety upgrades to railway crossings and have become cost-prohibitive. As a part of the FAST Act, Ed authored an amendment requiring the Government Accountability Office to conduct a study of train horn noise and ways for federal regulators to maintain safety while introducing more flexibility to encourage communities to make these safety upgrades. Through increased pressure from Colorado’s congressional delegation, the Federal Railroad Administration is now working to modernize their rules and account for innovative technologies to ease the burden on local communities.

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