Ed believes healthcare is a right, and that medical decisions should be in the hands of patients, families, and their doctors. He supports the Affordable Care Act and the critical insurance coverage it brings to millions of Americans. The ACA means insurance companies can no longer deny access to affordable insurance coverage to millions of people with preexisting conditions. In Colorado and across the country, the Affordable Care Act is improving and enhancing the health of America’s families. Ed believes we should continue to improve the ACA to address the medical needs of Coloradans and preserve access to affordable, quality healthcare.  

To that end, Ed recently cosponsored legislation to provide Americans ages 50-64 the option to buy into Medicare while helping to stabilize the ACA marketplaces and reduce overall costs within the healthcare system. Ed has also been working to improve transparency in healthcare pricing. Ed believes every doctor’s office and provider of healthcare should be required to publish the price of all their services so no individual or family can be surprised by huge medical bills. 

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