Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – Ed supports the Iran Nuclear Nonproliferation Agreement negotiated by the United States, Germany, China, United Kingdom, France, Russia, the European Union, and Iran. The U.S. and its international partners have committed to a diplomatic solution that Ed believes reduces and limits Iran’s ability to develop or manufacture nuclear weapons and is in America’s best interests. This Agreement should also reduce nuclear tensions in the Middle East and will make our friend and ally, Israel, safer and less prone to nuclear conflict with Iran.

ISIS - ISIS is a serious threat. The United States continues to take the fight to ISIS by destroying their capabilities and combating extremism abroad. We have the most robust and capable counterterrorism capabilities in the world and are working with our international allies to disrupt terrorist cells abroad and at home. Whether it is screening refugees, sustaining airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, utilizing U.S. Special Forces or cutting off revenue streams, the U.S. is working hard to degrade and destroy ISIS capabilities.

Cuba Relations – Ed joined President Obama on his historic trip to Cuba in March of 2016 – the first visit by a sitting President in 88 years. Ed saw firsthand how Cuban citizens want to normalize relations with the U.S. As a relic of the Cold War, Ed supports lifting the trade embargo to begin the process of building trust and openness among our two countries because the current policy is outdated and is not working. 

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