As a Democrat who understands employer and employee issues, Ed has a strong record of standing up for working families, small businesses and supporting U.S. jobs from being lost overseas. Ed also opposed recent Free-Trade Agreements with Korea, Panama and Colombia, as well as opposed giving the Obama Administration “Fast Track” authority to rush future agreements through Congress. Previous free trade agreements have not always panned out as promised. We must address the currency manipulation abuses from our trading partners who seek to devalue their currencies in an effort to make their goods cheaper and ours more expensive abroad. That is why Ed supports changing the law making it harder for countries who devalue their currency the ability to import to America.

During the FY13 federal budget debate, Ed was one of a small group of Members of Congress called the “Brave 38” to vote for the Simpson-Bowles alternative budget amendment, showing his commitment and willingness to seriously tackle this country's rising debt.

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