Ed understands employer and employee issues and has a strong record of standing up for working families, small businesses, supporting pay equity, and preventing U.S. jobs from being lost overseas. While the economy continues to improve in many areas, Ed believes we need to make sure everyone feels the benefits of the growing economy including families so they can afford their mortgage, pay for college, and save for retirement. Ed also believes we need to make sure growth pays its way here in Colorado as more and more people are starting to feel the effects of growth in our state with increased congestion and unaffordable housing.

Ed believes our tax code should be reformed in a simple and fair way which is more conducive for economic growth. He did not support the Republican tax bill in December 2017 because it cuts taxes for the wealthy and corporations, leaving higher taxes for the hardworking people in the middle. We need to make critical investments in our infrastructure, housing, seniors and education but the Republican tax bill will explode the debt in the name of tax cuts for the wealthy. 

Ed was one of a small group of Members of Congress called the “Brave 38” to vote for the Simpson-Bowles alternative budget amendment, showing his commitment and willingness to seriously tackle this country's rising debt.

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