Currently, our office is seeing a significant uptick in inquiries about passports. The State Dept. has warned that routine processing for passports can take as long as 18 weeks. We strongly encourage everyone to have an up-to-date passport in hand before you book your trip.

A couple other important reminders as you and your family plan travel this summer and beyond:

•    Our office CANNOT expedite applications. If you paid for expedited processing, we can’t expedite it any faster. We CAN (though it is not guaranteed) request an appointment with the passport agency if you haven’t received your passport within 72 hours of your travel date. 
•    Our office CAN submit a status inquiry with the passport agency and make sure your application is being processed as it should. 

Visit for the latest information about processing times for passports and what to expect when traveling. Additional guidance from the State Department can be found below:

State Department Guidance (July 2021)
 - Send applications via trackable mail to track it before it enters our system. Pay an extra $17.56 for 1-2 day return delivery.
 - It is recommended to apply 6 months in advance of any travel. Save $60 by applying for routine service and reduce last minute planning stress.
 - Check the expiration date on your current passport. Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip.
 - It may take up to six weeks after applying before your application is “In Process.” During this time, applications are at State Dept. service partner facilities and the State Dept. cannot locate them in their system.
 - Check application status online at
 - Do not rely on a last minute appointment. Plan around the 18 week and 12 week door-to-door times.
 - Requests for appointments are not able to be processed if your travel is more than five days away.
 - Do not re-apply while waiting for your passport unless instructed to do so by an agency or center.
 - Do not mail applications directly to an agency unless a customer service manager instructed you to do so.

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