Updated June 2, 2021: Please continue to check in with us for updates as tour destinations continue to reopen over the course of the summer.

Our office is happy to work with you to set up tours during your visit to Washington, DC. We work hard to make our nation's Capitol as accessible as possible. The following information will be helpful to us in helping you plan your trip to Washington, D.C. Please email click here to fill out the Tour Request form or email Johnny McInerney in our Washington, D.C. office at perlmuttertours@mail.house.gov with questions.
  • Please provide a main point of contact for your group. Please include the main point of contact’s home address and a contact number—preferably a cell phone while in DC as well as an email address.
  • Please list the days you are available for tours while in Washington, DC. Please specify times in which you will be unavailable for tours, for example times you will be traveling or in meetings. It is not uncommon for tours to occur early in the morning or late in the afternoon, so please consider whether you will be available for the full day or not when providing the list of days.
  • Please let our office know what tours you are interested in. We can help you get tours of the White House, the Capitol building, the Supreme Court, the Holocaust Museum, the Library of Congress, and the Kennedy Center (other locations may be available upon request).
  • To request a tour for the White House, a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months’ notice is required in addition to submitting fully completed security information. Following these steps, does not guarantee you a tour, rather it helps us to more efficiently process your request. The White House offers tours Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30am to 10:00am, and these hours will be extended when possible based on the official White House schedule. For more information on White House tours, click here.
  • Please let our office know if your group requires any special accommodations. For example, if you will need a wheelchair or handicap access during your tours.

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