We live and raise our families in Colorado for the quality of life it provides us. As your Congressman, I am committed to protecting our environment. The benefits derived from stewardship of public and private lands such as cleaner water and air, improved soils, and abundant wildlife habitat are critical to the future of the planet. I have a strong record of supporting legislation designed to protect and preserve our natural habitat for future generations. Things like recycling, bicycling when possible, investing in renewable energy technologies, working to preserve open space and fighting global warming are ways we can preserve not only our quality of life but our environment. Specifically, investing in renewable energy technology is good for jobs, good for our environment and good for our national security.  As a member of the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), I will continue to support investments in conservation projects and protecting our public lands and natural environment for generations. 


Climate Change and Energy Independence

I am concerned about the potential effects on our climate resulting from global warming. Additionally, Americans recognize one of our greatest threats to national security is dependency on foreign energy.  Congress must act to reduce greenhouse emissions, promote clean domestic energy production, and provide key environmental protection to our communities. I applaud President Obama's efforts to reduce carbon emissions through increasing CAFE standards for new automobiles, and I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to further combat global warming.  To learn more about my stance on energy policy, please click here. 


Do you want to stay green?  Click here for some helpful tips and tricks to saving energy and the environment. 

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