As the father of three daughters who attended Jefferson County Public Schools and my wife and sister being teachers, I understand how important receiving a quality education is to our children and our communities. We must provide teachers and students with every tool available to help them succeed and invest in educational programs beneficial to our children’s future.

Providing a solid foundation starts with early education which sets the stage for success later in life. I continue to support funding for the Head Start program. Head Start provides services to preschool-aged children and includes child development, educational, health, nutritional, social and other activities, intended to prepare low-income children for entering kindergarten.

College Affordability

Access to affordable student loans for higher education is vital for producing and maintaining a competitive workforce. By investing adequately in our educational system we can ensure a skilled workforce is able to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. Approximately 8 million U.S. students rely on Pell Grant scholarships each year to help pay for college. Our nation's children deserve affordable access to higher education. As the job market becomes more dynamic, Americans need access to career training and higher educational opportunities at an affordable cost. The cost of post high school programs should not deter a student from following their ambition. I support increased federal student loan amounts and Pell Grants. I also support the ability to lock in interest rates on federal student loans and to protect our nation's students and their families from predatory lending practices. 



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